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Do Me Agdistis' Journal

Thursday, February 15, 2007

5:36PM - The Birth of Agdistis

The great mountain Agdus
Cried out with her birth pangs.
Agdus, the mothering mountain,
Rumbled with the strain of bearing.
She roared her suffering
And the earth split open
With a great trembling.

Agdistis emerged.

Agdistis rose from the moist earth,
And lauded himself.

How well-turned are my ankles!
Slender as the calves of a virgin bride!
Strong as the feet of the champion runner!
Fair and white as new-hewn marble!
The dryads brought sandals
And clad his well-turned ankles.

How white are my breasts!
Ripe as Persephone's pomegranates!
Small as a girl's at first blood!
Nipples red and firm as spring berries!
The nagas came from the caves of Agdus
And laid a golden crest upon her white breasts.

How graceful are my arms!
Lithe as willow limbs!
Strong as a wrestler!
Pale as fresh cream!
The satyrs came from the forest
And placed golden bands upon his graceful arms.

How beauteous is my visage!
Fresh as the skin of a babe!
Beardless as a girl!
Handsome as a king's youngest son!
The naiads came from the moist dark places
And anointed with perfumed oil her beauteous visage.

How firm are my buttocks!
Ripe as a plum fresh-plucked from the tree!
Pale and round as Selene's orb!
Curved as the ass of a master's kouros!
The centaurs rode on the beams of the moon
And gave him a shimmering chiton to clothe his limbs.

How smooth are my thighs!
Tall as the pillars of a temple!
Soft as the cheeks of a boy!
Pure as the wool of a new-born lamb!
The Amazons came from the forests of the South
And wound a golden girdle around her hips.

How vibrant is my hair!
Golden as the rings on a courtesan!
Soft as the curls on Aphrodite's cunt!
Shining like the arrows of Apollo!
Dionysus himself came down from Olympus
And placed a holy mitra on his vibrant hair.

So arrayed in all his divine glory,
Agdistis left the woods of his birth
And went to the city of men.

How virile is my phallus!
Agdistis marveled at the rigid shaft
That begged so eagerly to be petted.
He entered the temple of divine Hestia
And the virgins were so possessed with lust
That they cast off their holy dresses
And spread their legs for the pleasure of Agdistis
So that his cock was red as Priapos
With the blood of virgin cunts.

How marvelous is my vulva!
Agdistis admired her pink folds,
The moist place that yearned to be filled.
She entered the halls of the gymnasium
And the boys in training were so compelled by desire
That they cast away their discus
And plowed the vagina of Agdistis
So that it dripped down her thighs
The white spunk of the youths.

How tight is my asshole!
Agdistis spread his ripe buttocks,
The entrance which longed to be stretched.
He passed the barracks of the soldiers
And the men in armor were so enrapt
That they cast down their spears
And sodomized the ass of Agdistis
So that it was fecund
With the seed of mighty men.

5:30PM - The Song of Agdistis

Come, youth!
My cunt is ready.
My cave is wet with dew.
My vulva yawns with emptiness.
Come, youth!
Let your phallus rise to greet me.
Let your cock weep for release.
Let your sword be sheathed within me,
And I will make you a man.

Stay, maiden!
My menthule rises like a dog to its master.
My member is red as Priapos.
My pillar stands ready.
Stay, maiden!
Let your thighs invite me.
Let your vulva welcome me.
Let your womb be filled by me,
And I will make you a woman.

Rise, man!
My hole is puckered.
My arse is tight as a new-bearded youth.
My buttocks yearn to clench you.
Rise, man!
Let your spear be buried within me.
Let your shaft rise like a mountain.
Let your tool plow my cleft,
And I will let you know a god.

5:21PM - Hymns to Agdistis!

A prayer
I sing of the child of Agdus;
Born of the seed of Zeus.
Wild youth of the mountains,
Lover of naiad and dryad,
Chaser and chased of satyrs,
Hail Agdistis!
The double-gendered, double-natured.
Male and female, son and daughter,
Feral as a lion,
Lusty as a wild dog.
I hail the god of Sexual Excesses--
Prais Agdistis!